Our Voice

At Signature, banking is more than a transactional process. It’s a relationship built on trust, kindness, and a genuine desire to help. In this guide, we explore the key elements of our tone of voice, providing you with the tools to communicate in a way that reflects our commitment to exceptional customer service and a warm, approachable atmosphere.

Always Personable & Friendly

Every time we speak to our customers, whether it’s through marketing materials, emails, signage, or social media, we should convey the unique essence of Signature – a place where banking feels personal and welcoming. To do this, we use real language used by real people. No buzzwords. No automated messages. No computerized responses. We’re warm and kind, and we communicate in a tone that is both authentic and professional.

Like This: At Signature, we know all of our customers on a first-name basis. We're the bank of choice for our neighbors, friends, and favorite local shops down the street. We're in the business of community banking, so your success is our success. For us, it's always personal. Come experience the Signature difference for yourself!

words we prefer

Examples of keywords and phrases we like to use:

personal service, convenient locations, community, together, growth, invest, easy, local, friendly, here to help, and at your service. We also prefer inclusive language such as "us" and "we" versus "they".


Using fun and friendly puns are acceptable if it helps communicate a message quickly and easily!

Values We Promote


Local Businesses


Personal Relationships


Diversity & Inclusion


Genuine Interest

Names We Use

Our corporate name should be written as either Signature or Signature Bank of Arkansas. "Signature Bank" may confuse readers as there are a number of other financial institutions using that name. 


Markets & Divisions

Signature consists of several various entities, and it's important to be consistent in the way we write about each of them. For instance, while some banks have "branches," we have "markets" located across the region, such as Harrison, Jonesboro, Bentonville, Rogers, and Springdale. The Bank of Brinkley is unique in that it's a division of Signature Bank of Arkansas and has its own name and branding.


Banco Sí

Banco Sí is a curated banking experience at Signature, with 100% of our staff being bilingual in Spanish and English. We're extremely proud to have Banco Sí in our family as it lives out our core value of diversity and inclusion. Most of our communication for this division is written in both Spanish and English. The name includes an exclamation point behind "Sí!" only in the logo for branding purposes. It's okay to refer to its translation of "yes" when writing in English. For example, "Grand Opening Party? Sí"


Our Holding Company

White River Bancshares Company is the holding company for the Signature family of banking brands. It was established in 2005 by a team of well-respected and experienced local bankers who had the dream of building a bank where decisions were made locally and in the best interests of not only the bank but customers and team members as well.


For any questions regarding our naming conventions or describing our entities and their services, please contact the marketing team.